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Mar. 22nd, 2014 @ 11:53 pm 3 AM
Of all the places her feet could have walked to on auto-mode, Laura's feet just had to have chosen her parent's house. She'd rather be anywhere but there. The grey storm clouds that leered in the distanced earlier made their grand reappearance with a bright lightning flash. Laura jumped at the resulting thunderclap. She never liked the rain. Pulling her hood closed tighter around her face, she breathed deeply and threw a rock at a window.

Her younger sister's head poked out after the third successful strike. Annoyed and confused she looked towards the ground, towards her soaking wet and shivering sister. "You want in," April asked. Laura shook her head no. April signaled for her to wait. A few minutes later a fully dressed April tapped on Laura's shoulder and motioned for her to follow towards the porch.

"What are you doing here? You said you preferred a bridge, remember?" April asked as she sat down on a swing. The question hung in the three am air like a picture frame with exposed hanging wire. It served its purpose, but didn't look right doing it. In Laura's eyes, April never cared for her problems. Not with college about to end and a life to begin. She didn't have time for anyone else's and Laura wished those were her concerns too. She didn't realize life would become this hard.

"Give me a break, okay? I get dramatic sometimes." She'd never reveal that to their mother. It was easier to push her mom away than to let her in. All the advice given was filed away in Laura's brain, but never revisited. Unless they could be twisted to win whatever Laura and her mom were arguing about. "Don't tell her I was here. Okay?"

April nodded. She was good for keeping secrets.

"It's not easy sitting here with Miss Perfect by the way. You know mom pays attention to you more. April, you're the favorite." April laughs in a self depreciating manner.

"If I'm the favorite, then it must be amazing to be the bad seed. If you heard mom talk on the phone lately it's hardly ever about me." A fire truck races down their street. Both sisters watch as the truck passes. Following closely behind, the police and the ambulance. "They really aren't criticizing your life, you know."

"I know." And she does, she really does. Laura can't fight her demons alone despite her many attempts.

"Don't go back to him." April goes back inside the house returning only to give Laura a windbreaker jacket and a cup of hot cocoa.

As the door closes shut behind her, Laura continues to sit on the porch and gaze at the lightning show. "I'm really not this time. I promise."
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Jun. 29th, 2013 @ 03:31 am A Musician's Touch
A Musician's Touch

AN:After a three year personal hiatus I took from writing, I finally felt inspired enough to write again. I couldn't tell you what changed, only that some really great ideas can happen to you at three in the morning. It was hard to come up with anything after having years worth on your creativity on a computer and have it be eaten away in days by a single computer virus, incredibly so. The thoughts continued to swirl around in my head, but I could never find the right ways to translate them into actual stories. Yay for this one making it through!

Story Synopsis
To be decided.

Chapter 1 - Young VolcanoesCollapse )

AN:Vaughn Martin's performance of his song Young Volcanoes, actually a Fall Out Boy song, came from this video taken at Andy Hurley and Patrick's performance of this song at Bing's Lounge in 2013. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2s6fsDY1r6c Video is on Youtube user Madalyn Boggs' account. I do not own the video at all, though I wish I could've been there.
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Jun. 2nd, 2010 @ 01:20 am Some Angels Were Never Meant To Fly
AN: Storm happened last night. Got me in a writing mood : )

Pete goes to bed angry tonight. His dad had yelled at him for some prank he had committed weeks ago and had forgotten about. His girlfriend of the time had cheated on him; he found out via livejournal. There's many reasons for him to be angry, but the worst one of all was he couldn't find Patrick. He was never in a good mood when Patrick couldn't be found which thankfully, doesn't occur all that often.

The sounds of cars passing by are far too loud for Pete to bear and for a neighborhood out of Chicago city limits this shouldn't happen. He stares at the ceiling in hopes of some kind of answer to his problems. He's not sure, but one of the headlights shining through his window may have spelled Avitan. Could be just a mind trick though. He turns his head to read the time: 3:28 am. "What I wouldn't give for some kind of decent sleep…" he muses aloud. The walls feel too close, he needs air.

Outside its chilly, but he's far too lazy to deal with those stairs again so his hoodie should do just fine to cover his naked chest. He lies down on the swing to watch the stars out. Its a pretty decent night, full moon, scattered clouds, and plenty of bright shining stars. Pete likes staring at the stars, they tell him everything's going to be okay.

Rustling bushes awaken Pete from his light slumber. Alert and armed with the moves of every kung-fu movie he's watched, he surveys his back yard and maneuvers like a ninja towards the front. At first, he sees nothing but a dog wondering around for food, then hears a rock pelting a window, his window. Before he can think another thought he tackles a figure beneath his window to the ground.

"What the hell, Pete?" The figure exclaims, followed by a few expletives about his now injured shin. The stranger's hood falls off his head while laying a few good hits on Pete.

"PATRICK," Pete happily shouts. He engulfs the smaller boy into an impressive embrace for someone of his stature. "Yo, where the fuck have you been? I've had the worst day!"

Pete leads him back to the swing he previously dozed on for better lighting. Its only when he turns to face Patrick completely, he realizes the massive black-eye on his best friend's face. Patrick must have felt the change of atmosphere because he breaks into laughter of a self-loathing nature.

"It's really nothing." He's still laughing and Pete can't figure out why; this is a truly serious event. "It's so nothing, I don't know why I came here."

For once, Pete can't seem to make his mouth move. This isn't the male he's used to seeing. Where's the laughter in his eyes? The devious spark so prominent you had to just be there to see? When Patrick looks at him all Pete can see is dead, dead, dead.

"It's funny, I knew this was gonna happen. I knew this was gonna happen and I did not one thing to stop it. I saw the track marks up his arms, the empty pill bottles, the dense feel of straight up evil whenever he walked by. I knew he was bad for her, Pete. Now I've got a broken up family all because of me."

Patrick stands up from beside his dear friend to stare contemplatively at the Wentz's pool. Pete observes tentatively at his back, wondering what was going on in this Patrick impostor's head. He watches him take one step and then another. Too stunned to react, he sees Patrick splash into the deep end. He waits until he knows Patrick should've been up by now. Critical moments are closing in; he dives into the pool.

Patrick, dressed in his green hoodie and metallic shoes, suspends very suspiciously in Pete's distorted underwater view. His mouth lays wide open and no air bubbles are coming out. Pete scrambles to get Patrick out onto the safe, dry surface above. He could hear the garbled voices of his mom, dad, Andrew, and Hillary, but his heartbeat quickly mutes his hearing. Nothing was as it seemed anymore for suddenly he was watching his own self committing CPR on his Patrick. He glances at his family surrounding him, then to the distance where the ambulance can be seen speeding towards the incident.

Out of the corner of his eye he spies a metallic glint. Above him, Patrick is flying up to the clouds. "No the hell you won't," Pete growls. He speds after Patrick until he could hover directly in front of him. Patrick glares and tries every which way to avoid him. He always was a stubborn little prick. Pete caught a hold of his best friend's ankle and uses what little strength he has to fling himself and patrick back down to Earth where their bodies lie.

Pete comes back to his body in full force, knowing good and well he'll feel this later. He continues his movements of CPR until the sputtering coughs of Patrick can be heard.

"Don't you ever try that again or I will just let you keep flying."

Patrick eyes him weirdly, but nonetheless nods, "I won't let you down."
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Nov. 17th, 2008 @ 05:24 pm Because Of A Hat
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AN: Originally, this story was supposed to be based off The Cab's Zzzz the demo version but then I couldn't get any ideas. So this was pretty much off the top of my head, I was typing for like 2 hours straight...I think it's 1,762 words.

‘It’s just a hat Pete. It’s not life or death, just barge in and hand him his hat.’ Pete thought to himself as he stood outside of Mr. Henson’s classroom. Sometime last week during Joe Trohman’s party, Pete discovered Patrick’s hat. It had been laying there unattended, probably knocked off because Patrick was occupied by his girlfriend at the time, calling to him. If hats could speak, Pete probably heard "Dude, your chance!" Too bad Pete didn’t think far ahead of time because here he is now attempting his ‘chance’ and failing hard.


Patrick wasn’t even the most popular guy but that didn’t stop Pete from falling head over heels in love with the dude. The sound of his voice was really it. And the way he feels against Pete when he hugs him. And his laugh that kind of sounds like a giraffe. And the way he blushes at absolutely everything. Okay so maybe, it wasn’t just his voice. Maybe it’s just Patrick in general.


The bell sounds and students from everywhere pour into the hall Pete’s still standing in. Patrick makes it to the door first.


"Um, hi." Patrick starts confused. All he really wants to do is get home because he finally convinced his mom that his favorite hat had fallen off the face of the earth so she needs to buy him the exact same one. Pete is really in his way right now.


"Hi." Pete stares at Patrick in awe, like he’s surprised to ever be this close without having a camera for photography class. Patrick’s in band, did Pete mention that? He plays every instrument known to man but always says he sucks. Pete thinks he’s super awesome; and hot but mostly awesome. He wishes his camera was here, Patrick looks cute when he’s confused.


"You mind? I kind of have somewhere to go." He reaches to push Pete out the way but stops when his hand touches something that isn’t skin or clothes. "You have my hat. You have my hat!" Patrick jumps into Pete’s arms and gives him the biggest hug he’s ever given in his life. Pete wishes he had his camera even more or at least his camcorder because hello, Patrick Stump has jumped upon him on his own will!




Days have passed by since that day forever now known as "The day Patrick freakin’ Stump jumped on me and I nearly passed out." Pete no longer is as shy around Patrick or stares at him like he’s sugar cookies and a cup of Swiss Miss Cocoa. He still harbors his crush on him though and that stops them from talking about certain subjects like what they’re talking about now.


"So there’s this dude…"


"Stop right there Patrick, I know what you’re heading off into and I refuse to take part in this conversation right now."


"We’ve talked about this man. You know I’m bi, why are you being such a homophobe?"


"I’m not a homophobe." Patrick raises his eyebrow. Pete started keeping his camera on him at all times since he started hanging out with Patrick just so he can capture moments like when Patrick raises his eyebrow. All these pictures of him freaked out Patrick when he found them one day so to cover himself Pete had to start attacking his other friends with his camera. Now he has a bunch of useless pictures he doesn’t even want.


"I’m not! I’m in an unrequited relationship right now." Pete offered, choosing his words carefully.


To say Patrick was uninterested would be to say the sun doesn’t shine everyday. He felt offended to be kept this information for however long. He needed to know who at this very minute.


"Why are you staring at me like that? Oh, do not pull out those puppy dog eyes! They do not work on me Patrick."


"I want to know!"


"Know what? There’s nothing to know."


"You’ve got a crush on someone and you didn’t even tell your best friend! I’m honestly hurt Pete."


"Fine." Patrick waited and nothing happened. The suspense was killing him.


"I’m gonna die from this suspense."


"You" Pete muttered incoherently. Patrick heard a word but didn’t believe what he thought so he acted like he hadn’t heard anything at all.


"I’m sorry, that was?"


Having lost his previous confidence, Pete walked off from the table.




All was soon forgotten about Pete’s reveal when Patrick finally talked to that dude he mentioned, every other minute of the few hours he spent with Pete. He was so annoyed, he even went as far as stealing Joe Trohman from whatever the heck he was doing and plopped him in front of Patrick. Long story short, they’re dating now. They have become Patroh; it’s very adorable to everyone that isn’t Pete.


Patrick and Pete were at lunch having a very normal conversation when all of a sudden Patrick’s eyes became deer like and if you looked hard enough, there were hearts floating. A frown appeared on Pete’s usually happy (and tan) face. He turned around and there was Trohman. Pete and Joe are on a last name basis now because Pete made it so. He refuses to call him by his first name because of his relationship with Patrick, clearly disregarding the fact it was his fault in the first place.


"Sucks huh?" Andy stated as he sat by Pete. Andy had been Pete’s rock through this whole thing much like Jon is to Brendon. ("because Ryan is too stupid to realize." Brendon explains) He’s everybody’s rock because Andy Hurley is just awesome like that.




"How long have you been in love with Stump?"


"Since last year. We started talking because of a hat." Pete can’t bring himself to call it stupid because knowing his luck that’ll be the only thing Patrick will hear and he’ll be offended, saying things like ‘How dare you insult my favorite hat!’ and pulling out his pouts with puppy dog eyes attached. Pete’s just not prepared for so many cute Patrick things being pulled out on him at once, he just might crack.


"Just do it, man."


"This ain’t Nike Hurley."




One day, Patrick decides to stop by the Wentz’s residence without Trohman in tow and finds Pete asleep outside in his hammock. He finds the scene very endearing. If Pete were awake he would probable find a way to record Patrick’s thoughts and take a picture of this very scene. He’s going to eventually own his own camera crew to follow him around (and to secretly stalk Patrick.)


Pete wakes up to find a Patrick snoring lightly curled up next to him and silently freaks out. ‘Why the hell don’t I have my camera crew yet?’ He shakes Patrick gently awake who automatically fixes his hat. ‘As if his hair could ever be messed up’


"What," Patrick groggily asks.


"You tell me. I woke up to find you here."


"Oh right! I remembered you telling me about your unrequited love. How’s that working out?"


"Like normal. I’m still being an idiot and he still doesn’t recognize anything is different."


Patrick gasps. "You mean the mystery person is a he? And all this time I thought you were a homophobe…"


"I hang out with you on a daily basis and in public."


"What is your point?"




They lie back down and stare at the clouds passing by. Due to one of Newton’s laws-Pete can’t remember right now-gravity has them unnaturally close but since they’re best friends and all, it is totally fine. Patrick leans in to Pete’s side, laying his head comfortably on his chest. Pete is not one to complain, so he takes this in stride.


"You still have to tell me who it is." Patrick states in the midst of the silence. Pete pretends to have fallen back asleep.




Valentine’s Day is here and Pete is struggling to fit his valentine for Patrick into his messenger bag. His mom watches amusedly and Pete huffs because his mom is watching him. He heads off extra early for school because he realizes his present is too huge to hide.


"Bye mom!"


"Bye Pete."


Patrick is embarrassed and has been so all day. In his first period, a delivery guy stopped by asking if there was a Patrick Stump in this class. He received a yes and left the room. There were 20 people with him each holding a dozen red roses when he came back. Patrick’s whole face was the exact same color.


Second period, a man holding chocolates sang a song dedicated to Patrick Stump. If he’s not mistaken it was Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend with the lyrics changed to boyfriend.


Third period, his cell phone was going off constantly to the ring tone of Jimmy Fallon’s Idiot Boyfriend. He’s dumbfounded because until this moment, that didn’t exist on his cell. The messages were from an unknown number but they sounded kind of familiar. Having a slight clue of who it was didn’t keep him from blushing either


"Why am I hearing about you getting a trillion things today?" Joe asks as fourth period let out.


"Long story, I don’t want to go into." Joe chuckles. "Please tell me those roses were from you."


"24 of them were."


At lunch, everyone was staring at him and whispering too. Patrick desperately wonders what they’re saying; he doesn’t like being the center of attention to a bunch of strangers. He pulls his hat further on his head and hurries to the table where Pete and Andy were sitting at. A black box with red ribbon sat before him.


"Another one," Patrick sighs and opens the box, inside is a digital picture frame. He gasps because he knows how expensive this is. He pointed it out to Pete while they were in Wal-mart one day. Patrick turns it on to find a picture of himself. He scans through to find just about every single picture Pete took of him. The last frame isn’t a photo; it’s a drawing resembling Pete and him on Pete’s hammock staring contently into each other’s eyes. Patrick aww’s out loud.


"I’m sorry Joe."


"Yeah, kinda saw it coming. You were like, pissed off every time I saw you or said hi… This doesn’t mean I like you Wentz, you did just steal my boyfriend and all."

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Aug. 22nd, 2008 @ 04:23 pm B-Day
I turned 16 yesterday and for two years I've been trying to convince my mom to get me a guitar. It finally happened! It's blue and acoustic (because I like the sound) and amazing. I just have to get lessons. Which I can now because I own a guitar! Pictures as soon as I figure out how to do that...
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Aug. 8th, 2008 @ 05:24 pm First post
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People all around the world are doing things for the first time. Someone is printing for the first time. Getting their first breast reduction or enlargement for the first time. My niece is just learning how to walk. And I, I am writing my first post on live journal. Round of applause everyone!

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